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💥 The Art of Imperfection: Learn why 'perfect' pitches fall flat, and how authentic + real can clinch the deal.
☕️ Spill The Tea: What actually gets a show from idea to production (HINT: sometimes, you can skip the script part). 
🎯 No-Family-Ties Networking: How to get face-time with execs when you’re not a nepo baby 
📝 The One-Sheet Wonder: The only doc you’ll need (and it’s not a script!). 
🏆 From Adrienne's Playbook: She's pitched, they've bought – five times… and counting!

Jassy sold to Netflix & Paramount...

"Everything opened up once I knew how to approach talking to people about projects that I was working the end of the process I had something I could be proud of creatively, and it was packagable and marketable. 

It's being optioned off me and it's in my contract that I'll be creator, head writer and lead actor."

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I'm Adrienne Rose White. I’m an actor, writer, and adorably overbearing dog mom. I’ve optioned or sold five TV shows. I make playfully epic TV that makes the world a better place.

So who’s "we"?

I bring in other cool folks with industry experience to help you make your project undeniable and impactful. It’s an ever-rotating crew of industry players who sell shows, buy shows, and make shows.

And here, they share their secrets 🤫



Stories shape how we see the world. They expand our understanding of who we are and what we’re doing on this planet, in this life.

It's one of the most powerful ways we can create empathy for people we've never met and experiences we've never had. 

We believe that in the right hands, TV can change the culture for the better.

Plus, making the world you want to see is really, really fun.  



We help you turn your show idea into a pitch that sells. 

Your idea doesn’t have to stay a dream - you can build the TV project you’ve always wanted to see and you can have the impact you’ve always wanted to have. 

It took my first client - who does not live in LA and had no acting or writing credits - less than 8 weeks of visiting LA to get her first yeses in the room. From Netflix and Paramount, no less! 

It proved what I always knew - authentic stories sell.

It’s time to learn how to sell your show to your ideal partner. 

Get your shtuff together so that when the moment is right, you’re ready. 



Eva learned How To  Sell A TV Show...

"Adrienne gave me confidence in my storytelling ability…and an excitement and enthusiasm about my project that I want to share with lots of people.

I want to tell them about it rather than being like, well, I have this little idea and I'm just gonna keep it to myself."

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