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Hear from creatives who’ve struck gold with their TV pitch!

Do you have a TV pitch that slays? 


After Strike Gold, you will.


Strike Gold is a special strike edition of How to *Actually* Sell A TV Show, Organically  – and it’s the only online course and live coaching program designed to help creatives craft their TV show ideas after the WGA strike. 

This course doesn't teach you how to write a script - because you might not need one!

In Strike Gold, you're going to build your *pitch* from the ground up, connect to the decision makers without feeling weird or needy, sell your show and build a career in television that aligns with your values.


Yes, this is possible 😉


Here’s how we do it…


The learning unfolds in four easy-to-master phases that you can move through at your own pace. 



No more driving blind: now you’ve got GPS! We’ll break down the roadmap of how to go from idea 💡to sold  💸 and beyond 🚀 

If you’d like a clear roadmap so you know where we’re going and don’t get turned around putting energy toward actions that won’t ultimately pay off (been there, amiright?)... we’ve got you. Make that right turn here.



From an idea to a premise and a pitch, this module covers what written materials do you need to get the meeting and sell a show. What’s a one sheet? What should be in a show bible? Do you need a script? We break it down for you here.



Now that you know the documents you need to develop, it’s time to talk about the people that you’re going to pitch to, how to build these relationships organically, and who you may need on your team for a successful pitch.



You know what you need, and who you need, so now it’s time to create your pitch!  An executive knows in the first 2 minutes whether they’re hearing a pitch that they need to pay attention to. So let’s make them pay attention! 



  1.  ON-DEMAND VIDEO LESSONS: The knowledge is ready when you are. Map out your career and build your pitch, one video lesson at time.


  2. PLAYBOOKS: No more guesswork! Our playbooks and templates help guide your journey, providing clear, actionable steps. You bring the idea, we’ll give you the structure.


  3. LIVE GROUP COACHING: Join us monthly to break down any roadblocks you're hitting. Not sure if your pitch is working? Get feedback from Adrienne. Want to know the latest on the streets of TV land? Get tapped in here.

  4. LIVE WORK SESSIONS: Get In The Flow and work on your pitch with other members. When you have a focused work time with aligned community, you'll actually get it done.






We love suprises. So every now and then, we do a pop-up bonus industry session with top executives, writers, producers, agents, managers and lawyers. People who know about making deals in Hollywood.

Because we keep these closed-door Q&As private and exclusive to my students, you can ask the real questions about how deals get done, and get the real answers from the people that do them.

Most recently we had…

  • An Empire co-executive producer and Justified writer
  • Apple TV Drama Exec (former VP at Fox Studios)
  • Development executive at GhostCorp  
  • Manager and Emmy-nominated TV producer of Being Mary Tyler Moore
  • Lawyers from top Hollywood entertainment firms
  • A showrunner with an overall at Netflix


Jassy B worked with Adrienne...

"Everything opened up once I knew how to approach talking to people about projects that I was working on...by the end of the process I had something I could be proud of creatively, and it was packagable and marketable.


It's being optioned off me and it's in my contract that I'll be creator, head writer and lead actor."


I'm Adrienne Rose White. I’m an actor, writer, and adorably overbearing dog mom. I’ve optioned or sold five TV shows. I make playfully epic TV that makes the world a better place.

So who’s "we"?

I bring in other cool folks with industry experience to help you make your project undeniable and impactful. It’s an ever-rotating crew of industry players who sell shows, buy shows, and make shows.

And here, they share their secrets 🤫



Stories shape how we see the world. They expand our understanding of who we are and what we’re doing on this planet, in this life.

It's one of the most powerful ways we can create empathy for people we've never met and experiences we've never had. 

We believe that in the right hands, TV can change the culture for the better.

Plus, making the world you want to see is really, really fun.  



We help you turn your show idea into a pitch that sells. 

Your idea doesn’t have to stay a dream - you can build the TV project you’ve always wanted to see and you can have the impact you’ve always wanted to have. 

It took my first client - who does not live in LA and had no acting or writing credits - less than 8 weeks of visiting LA to get her first yeses in the room. From Netflix and Paramount, no less! 

It proved what I always knew - authentic stories sell.

It’s time to learn how to sell your show to your ideal partner. 

Get your shtuff together so that when the moment is right, you’re ready. 



Eva K learned How To *Actually* Sell A TV Show, Organically...

"Adrienne gave me confidence in my storytelling ability…and an excitement and enthusiasm about my project that I want to share with lots of people. I want to tell them about it rather than being like, well, I have this little idea and I'm just gonna keep it to myself"


Jasmine R learned How To *Actually* Sell A TV Show, Organically...

"Before this course I was in the world of tech…building someone else’s dream and this course came at a pivotal point where I decided I’m ready to build my own dream."


This is for you if you…

  • Are new to the entertainment. You want to skip the lost-in-the-woods part.
  • Are a veteran screenwriter. You've brought your skills to other people's projects, but haven't sold your own.
  • Are an actor. You're ready to create the story you want to star in.
  • Are a creative from another discipline. You're ready to translate your skill into the TV landscape.
  • Are ready to invest time, energy, and money into your vision 
  • Are impact-driven. You're telling a story the world needs to hear.
  • Value diverse stories. More colors in the limelight, please.



This is not for you if you...

  • Have hate in your heart. Racist? Rainbow-phobic? Ableist? Thank u, next.
  • Are here for fame or a quick cash grab, not impact? Swipe left.
  • Are a talker, not doer. Big on talk, low on action? You won't like it here.
  • Are script-obsessed.  This course is about nurturing that blockbuster pitch, not writing the script.
  • Aren't a team player.  This is for folks who like to write drama, not to start it.   



HOW TO *ACTUALLY* SELL A TV SHOW, ORGANICALLY is an online course where you’ll craft your TV pitch, map out the next steps you need to get it sold, and create the career you’ve dreamed of.  

The WGA strike changed the landscape in Hollywood, and we're here to help you make the most of it.

We provide the practical steps so that you and your pitch can flow.





  • CLARITY on what to do. You'll have a proven roadmap for selling a TV series that's authentic to you. 


  • STEPS TO A SIX-FIGURE SALE - on demand video lessons that guide you through every step of developing a TV concept that can sell for $100,000 or more.


  • EASE AND FLOW AS YOU CREATE TV MAGIC - templates and step-by-step workbooks for creating your TV pitch materials (with examples of TV pitches that have sold, and breakdowns of why they worked).


  • THE PATH TO LASTING IMPACT - you’ll have the tools you need to create compelling TV that can shape how we see the world for the better.


  • MONTHLY GROUP COACHING - Meet monthly with Adrienne and the other Strike Gold members to get feedback on your pitch. Get help applying the course lessons to your project and making the most of the post strike landscape in Hollywood. 


  • MONTHLY CO-WORKING SESSIONS - When you join the course, you get access to “In The Flow” - our monthly community co-working session. We’ll get In The Flow to sell a show… together.


  • THE COMMUNITY YOU’VE BEEN MISSING - meet other aligned creatives in a place where your intellectual property is protected.


Don't believe you can Strike Gold? Check out what these past clients have to say.